Town of Clear Lake Boards

Fremont, Indiana 46737

Town of Clear Lake Board

Clear Lake Officials
Bob Hull, Street & Utility Superintendent
Brenda Eby, Billing Clerk
Chris Emerick, Marshal
Gary Johnston, Zoning Administrator
Jessica Swander, Clerk-Treasurer Term Ends 12/31/22
Clear Lake Town Council
Town Council President
Darin Thorp. President Ward 3: (804 South Clear Lake Drive - 1238 Quiet Harbor Drive)
Term Ends 12/31/
Roger Dammeier Ward 2: (420 Point Park Drive - 802 South Clear Lake Drive) Term Ends 12/31/19
Molly Wehrenberg At-Large Term Ends 12/31/22
Bonnie Brown At-Large Term Ends 12/31/22
Bruce Spangler Ward 1:
(10 West Clear Lake Drive - 416 Point Park Drive)  
Term Ends 12/31/19
Clear Lake Plan Commission
Town Council Appointments   
Bonnie Brown ( ) Plan Commission President Term Ends 12/31/22
Molly Wehrenberg ( ) Term Ends 12/31/22
Bruce Spangler ( ) Term Ends 12/31/19
Executive Appointments   
Jaclyn Howarth (D) Term Ends 01/03/21 ********
Don Luepke (R) Term Ends 01/04/21 *******
Jim Hauguel (I) Term Ends 01/03/22 *******
Chris Folland( ) Term Ends 01/03/22*******
Alternate, Darin Thorp() Term Ends 12/31/19 ******
Clear Lake Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA)
Jaclyn Howarth, Chair   Term Ends 01/03/
Cecil Fleeman Term Ends 01/03/23 *******
Erick Strasser Term Ends 01/06/20 *******
Don Luepke Term Ends 01/04/21*******
Kit Tyler Term Ends 01/06/20*******
Bruce Moody - Alternate Term Ends 01/01/18




Town Council Board Members


Back row: Bruce Spangler and Roger Dammeier
Front row: Molly Wehrenberg, President, Darin Thorp, Bonnie Brown


Plan Commission Board


Back row: Jim Hauguel, Molly Wehrenberg, Don Luepke, Chris Folland
Front row: Bruce Spangler, Bonnie Brown,President,  Jaclyn Howarth


Board of Zoning Appeals


Back Row: Don Luepke, Erick Strasser, Kit Tyler
Front Row: Cecil Fleeman, Jaclyn Howarth







This web site contains information about the Town of Clear Lake in Steuben County, Indiana. Because changes can happen frequently, the contents of this website may be out-of-date or incomplete. Official records are only available through the Town's Clerk Treasurer.


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