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  • Due to the Corona Virus, the Heavy Trash Pick Up scheduled for Monday, June 1 will be for excess household generated trash ONLY. All excess household trash must be contained, either bagged or in trash cans. There will be no pick up of large items such as furniture, bedding, appliances, etc. with this first Heavy Trash Pick Up.

  • Due to the closure of the Town offices, we will be extending all golf cart registration renewals that are due in May, until June 1, 2020. We will reassess in late May and keep everyone updated. Also, no VIN or HIN checks will be done during this time, per Gov. Holcomb’s executive order.

    This Spring’s leaf pick up will be done on an as-needed basis rather than daily for a specified period of time. When there are enough leaves to fill the leaf vac, Bob and Guy will pick up, weather permitting. Please have your leaves raked to the road for pick up.

Steuben County Voter Information 

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Fire Prevention Month, the Fremont Fire Department Displays Their State of Art Equipment
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As part of Fire Prevention month, the Fremont Fire Department came out to Clear Lake Monday evening to do a demonstration of some of their state of the art equipment to include four of their trucks, the fire rescue boat as well as one truck from Orland.

This included the ladder truck and Engine 22 which combined were able to pump 2800 gallons per minute from the lake in less than 30 minutes. This was truly a feat to see as evidenced by all by standers.

A huge thank you to John Wilhelm and Eric Hufnagle who worked to bring this special event to Clear Lake as part of a collaboration of between the Clear Lake Association, the Fremont Fire Department and the Town of Clear Lake.

We hope to see you Saturday, October 5 between 9:30-11:30 at the Town Hall where there will be a fire extinguisher demonstration and hands on training by a certified fire instructor. This is an important skill as a fire doubles in size every 30-40 seconds.
Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.

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The Clear Lake Town Hall located at 111 Gecowets Drive in Clear Lake, Indiana. Walk-in business hours are 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Monday through Friday or by appointment. The office Telephone Number is 260.495.9158. A Dropoff Box is available for leaving payments or correspondence The Town of Clear Lake's Zoning Administrator is available by appointment only. Appointments can be made by calling Town Hall at 260.495.9158 (leave a message if necessary) or emailing zoning@townofclearlake.org.


Construction Projects


It’s never too early to see if a project you are considering at the lake meets the standards of the Town’s Unified Development Ordinance. Generally, the town requires an Improvement Location Permit (ILP) for decks, fences, sheds, generators, concrete work, new structures, and other projects involving modifications to existing structures or driveways.  Call Gary Johnston at 260.495.9158 or email zoning@townofclearlake.org for further information.

Update Owners Contact Information


Please be sure to keep current your owner information by contacting Town Hall if you have moved or other important phone numbers or information has changed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for your cooperation.


Recycling & Trash Pickup Information [Printable Information]

The following are the Recycling Guidelines from Washler, Inc.:
1. Aluminum: Beverage cans, foil, pie and dinner trays, rinsed well.
2. Cardboard: Flattened (Pizza boxes are acceptable).
3. Paper: Newspaper, magazines, junk mail. Books are not acceptable.
4. Plastics: Look for the #1, 2 or 5 in the triangular recycling emblem (usually on the bottom of the container). These numbers are all acceptable. You will find them on most household containers such as milk, juice, detergent, sour cream, cottage cheese, shampoos and lotions. Plastic bags are also recyclable. Most plastic toys are not acceptable.
5. Steel: Cans and other steel objects that attract a magnet are acceptable. Some scrap metals are accepted but if they pose a risk of damage to the truck/equipment, they may be left behind.


Town Police Car with the New Radar Behind Car




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